What Happened

Tonight I would like to address the question “WHAT  HAPPENED” OR MAYBE “WHO CHANGED IT”. Ever since I put this title out earlier this week ,People have been guessing all sorts of things. But none as yet have gotten it right.

I have been praying and pondering this thing we so lovingly call religion and how so many people cant quite seem to grasp it although they read our bible  or torah (jewish people try their best to only live by the old testament of our bible). Well first I don’t really like religion, as i believe this is mans way of trying to reach GOD. However that is another lesson altogether, for another time.

 WE read in our bible how people talked to god and how he talked to them. I constantly teach that god does the same thing nowadays. People constantly tell me that he doesn’t talk to them. At least not like he talked to people in the bible. If this is true then WHAT HAPPENED? Or  who changed it?

 I contend that modern man changed it. You see when I read the bible, most generally the people there had the same needs we have now. Maybe not with electronics but the same basic needs. they knew in their hearts that some higher power had created them and they had a built in desire to know more about that higher power and in this insane world to have that higher power to guide their lives.

People always tell me that those people saw god physically and today we cant see him until CHRIST comes back to get us. This is not always the case. Most people in the bible never saw even an angel much less GOD. They took time out of their day every day to study and learn about GOD. And their lives were just as hard as ours are today. Take in consideration when the prophet Isiah wrote about the coming messiah probably thousands of years before the messiah ever showed up here on earth. (Isiah 9:6&7) They knew he would come for them even though they would probably be gone from this earth by the time the messiah arrived. They learned and accepted that even though they were gone physically from this earth that they would still inherit their own place in his kingdom.  They had naysayers just like we do.  They had a very hard life working from daylight until dark and many times working at night in the dark or by torch light, but they always took a little time out of their day to shut the world out and let GOD into their lives.

 Modern man has begun  to move so fast and especially in this increasingly technological world. We want it now and we want to feel good about it. We build our own  little world  the way we want it. We tend to shut out anything that might make us slow down and think  for ourselves. We especially shut out any thing that might require us to do anything outside our little organized routine that we have created for ourselves. We tell ourselves that our life is too crowded to worry about what maybe going on in the world. Even though the GOD we profess to believe in says that we should love our brethren and sometimes step outside our box and help them. Most people don’t even give the coins from their pocket or purse to help those charitys that do help those in need.  God  says (in the bible) that we should shut ourselves off from the world, tune out all noise so that when we pray we are dedicated to speaking with him and listening for him to speak back with us. most people in this electronic world cant seem to grasp this concept. They think that turning their phone off for a little while or tuning out of facebook or twitter or whatever is unconscionable. I constantly hear that people don’t have one quarter to give back to God in thanks for all he has given to you. I remember the story of the lady gave her last coins for God.

These very people are constantly saying WHY DOESNT GOD TALK TO ME OR HEAR MY PRAYERS? I say he has already spoken to all of us. He is waiting for us to speak to him!!!

 To hear more about this subject you can call in live (on the telephone) to our church service and talk to and be with other like minded people tonight and every Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. eastern time(u.s.) by simply dialing 712 432 3900 and when the recorded voice asks you to simply punch in conference number 431167#.  May God Bless you all today and every day. 




Tonight we talked about freedom,both in America and most importantly in GOD.our lessons came primarily fro the books of second peter,first,second and third john. we learned that the only really true freedom we ever really achieve is when we keep our eyes and our hearts centered on GOD our father in heaven.We learned that freedom comes from disengaging our selves from things here on earth. Quit trying to shine in front our neighbors and shine in GOD’s EYES. We learned how that even in the first century(when people who had known JESUS when he was here on earth were still alive) even then were trying to change the story that the scriptures told and rewrite the scriptures so that they would look important and they could be leaders instead of the people JESUS had appointed. People today are still today doing this same thing.This is how denominations first came about in the church. we learned that in John 8:36 our bible says if the son sets you free,you will be free indeed. also 2 Corinthians 3:17 it says that the lord is the spirit and where the spirit of the lord is,there is freedom. in other words we should try our very best each and every day to follow GODS scriptures and he will be there with us. He knows we are not perfect(he created us) but he wants to try our very best. When we keep our eyes on him we will begin disassociating ourselves with this world, in other words we will start needing physical things less and less each day.