modern day christian hero

 I have been praying a lot lately for a lot of people as well as this ministry. I have been so thankful for pastor doug and his awesome wife sister Julie. pastor doug has delivered some awesome messages while I have been going thru a lot of problems in my personal life. if you haven’t been calling in to listen to his messages you have been missing some great blessings.

  I have been praying for a message to deliver tonight and GOD directed me to something that has been in the news of late. I am always saying that people need good examples to follow in their lives. many times we have had lessons on heroes in our bible and people many times like to say “but, pastor those are all great but they are so long ago,what about now? why don’t we have someone now that stands out, someone we can call a hero in modern day.” why doesn’t GOD lift someone up for us in modern times.We need someone now,someone that we can relate to today. Even though we tell you how each of you can be and are that hero,you still look for someone else to stand up first. Well, GOD has heard your pleas and delivered. Her name is Miriam Ibrihim. She lives in a country named Sudan. You see Miriam was raised an orthodox Christian in a predominately muslim country. Miriam also married a Christian man then she was arrested for the crime of apostasy. This means she went against the accepted religion of being a muslim. she was sentenced to 100 lashes then hanging by the neck until dead. SHE REFUSED TO RENOUNCE HER GOD!!!!!  You see she also gave birth to her daughter two days after being put into prison! SHE STILL REFUSED TO RENOUNCE HER BELIEF IN GOD!!!!! Here is a heroine today. What would you do? This is still an ongoing story. It is still happening as this preacher is typing these words this morning.

If you want to know the rest of the story then you need to call in live tonight to church at 8pm eastern(u.s. time) or 7 npm central time to 712 432 3900 conference number 431167. if you miss tonight you can always listen to the recording of tonights service by calling 712 432 3903 and using conference number 431167. God bless you all AND REMEMBER GOD LOVES US ALL.

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