Hello from arkansas

Hello from Arkansas this Thursday.Been raining here for four days but finally see sunshine today.Well looks like I spoke too soon as it just started raining again. God knows what he is doing if he says we need this much rain I guess we need it.As you all know by now I missed last sunday nights church service. I feel so empty inside when I miss fellowship with all of you. However I am already preparing for this sunday nights sermon.
Last night pastor Doug delivered a lesson for all of you. I pray that those who could not be on live are listening to the recording as sister Debbie and I are doing.
As for clues to our question of the month, the first clue was that God told this man that he had too many soldiers to go to war with. 3 of you got it on that clue alone but those three still do not qualify to get into the drawing as they didn’t tell me anything about the lessons that we can learn from this mans story. clue number two is: he is the son of joash. clue number three is: he was israels 5th judge. Remember we want you to study about these people and try to get a lesson from them and their actions and how God used them to influence christianity and the jews as well. Clue number 4 is :defeated the midionites.
Remember live service is Wednesday night and sunday night 8pmeastern or 7pm central time. just call 1-712-432-3900 and when the recording asks for your conference simply put in 431167#. you will be in live service with other Christians.if you cant make our live ervices you can hear our recordings at 1-712-432-3903. same conference number of 431167#. God bless you all.

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