Prayer Requests

   Prayer Requests.


1) Liz Clark


2) Jeffry Jett – Traveling & Studies.


3) Stacy – Praise – New job begins Tuesday.


4)  People in storms.


5)  Bobbie’s health.


6)  Sara & family – Death of Grandfather.


7)  Praise for needed rain.


8)  Doug & Julie – Back to work.

The Clues.

Hello this is Doug.

Clues of the month of April 2014.

Who is this woman & what are two reasons
she is special to Jesus?

1) Her name means insolence or large.

2) Associated with the color scarlet red.

3) Married a man named Salmon.

4) Mother of a man named Boaz.

5) Mentioned in Hebrews 11:31.

6)Salmon was a prince in the House of Judah.

7) In writings outside of the Bible she is called
“Daughter of Deliverance”.

8) She is associated with spies.

9) She is mentioned in James 2:25.

10) She is mentioned in Matthew 1:5.

11) She considered the “Lowest of the Low”.

Happy searching. 🙂