What do I do after EASTER?

so many people ask this question. Well tonight we will be covering this in our first sunday nite after easter service.So very many people ask themselves this important question. After such a big week of events in the life of our lord jesus Christ culminating with the resurrection of our lord JESUS CHRIST.Some times we feel a big let down coming from the question WHAT NOW? I try to imagine what the deciples must have thought, then I read in our bible that some denied him some fled fearing for their lives. and just imagine what his earthly mother and the other women must have thought when they saw the stone rolled away that morning when they went to preform the required jewish ceremony of anointing his body.CAN YOU EVEN FOR ONE MINUTE IMAGINE WHAT PEOPLE TODAY WOULD DO IF THEY SUDDENLY SAW TWO BRILLIANTLY GLOWING MEN STANDING INSIDE A TOMB AND TALKING TO THEM WOULD DO? Or what about thousands of dead people walking around town? I CAN JUST IMAGINE HOW RICH PSYCHIATRISTS would become very rich very quickly! Or how many people might think a new movie was being filmed in town. BUT HOW MANY WOULD EVEN CONSIDER THAT OUR LORD HAD ACTUALLY RESURRECTED FROM THE GRAVE. be in our service tonight and find out. just call in l to our service at 8pm eastern or 7pm central time to 712 432 3900. the recording will ask for a conference number just put in 431167 and the # symbol and join us live.

2 thoughts on “What do I do after EASTER?

  1. Good thoughts to think about and am looking forward to tonight’s msg! I would enjoy to open the phones and having group discussion at the end ….??


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