question of month for april 2014

clues are 1. Her name means insolence or large. 2. associated with scarlet red 3.married man named salmon 4. Is mother of boaz Hebrews 11:31 6. Salmon was a prince in the house of Judah 7. in other writings she is called THE DAUGHTER OF DELIVERANCE. 8. She is associated with spies. Each service I will give another clue.The clues will not be on the recordings of our services. We not only want this persons name but also two major reasons why this person is so very special to JESUS CHRIST. When you give me the answers(outside of the live services,in private)I will add your name to the drawing which will be held during the last service of april.Who ever wins will receive a copy of one of my favorite books called A GUIDE TO THE BIBLE.i refer to my copy all the time.I really love mine.

april 18,14

We have really been having great numbers of people calling into our Wednesday and Sunday night services. We are really proud to welcome pastor doug mountjoy and his family to our ministry. Pastor doug has been delivering our Wednesday night messages.Doug and his family live in Tulsa,ok and doug drives for prime trking. His beautiful wife Julie rides with him on the truck.